Relational Static

6 thoughts on “Relational Static”

  1. Wow, Brian! My admiration for you has gone through the roof! Thank you for being transparent and open to God and available to do what He wanted you to do.
    God bless you, brother.

  2. Absolutely…truth. We often call ourselves prophets, but this man is truly a prophet. He would not say that, but he is. I have called his ministry in many times…many times. People were saved, healed, sanctified, helped, encouraged. All the adjectives, plus more. Thank you for straightforward truth. By the way, I did not know who he was or anything much about him the first time I called him for a weekend revival. I drove up to the airport in a Dodge Neon…a Dodge Neon. It was then I met this giant of a man. He laughed. I laughed and the revival was on! His spirit is even taller than he is!

  3. Thank you for this powerful, loving, and self revelatory response to those who have criticized or even cursed Dan’s ministry, even if they thought it was well meaning. Your message was not critical but factual which is appreciated. I have had dreams for the past 10 years about the church’s need to wake up. When the blankets are cozy, warm, and comfortable it is harder to get out of bed. If someone pulls the blankets off, we are exposed and more likely to get up. Dan and his team are the “blanket pullers.” They are humble and gentle as we become exposed to the reality of our slumber and at times resistance to this powerful move of Holy Spirit. I appreciate that this team never makes it about themselves. They keep it about Jesus. Bless you for your openness in advocating for this ministry.

  4. An interesting and timely post, in my opinion. There was a time that I would have been shocked that some of those (actually many, based on my personal experience) who are ordained in this denomination would berate a person for actually believing the Bible is true. That time has come and gone. I am absolutely thrilled that you are willing to publicly defend Dan Bohi. I have met the man and attended his services while he was in our area and I heard nothing unbiblical but I must admit I am not surprised by the push back he gets. I appreciate and admire your courage to take a stand.

    “If you don’t believe, don’t bother praying.” ~ Pastor James

  5. Brian, it is truly about time for our leaders to come to the defense of this wonderful man and anointed witness for Jesus Christ. I believe I was the first pastor to schedule Dan back in 2008 or 2009 when he came to the Southern California district and I was pastor in Hemet Ca. We have stayed in touch since then and I have great respect, appreciation and confidence in him. You could not be more “right on” with regards to his “accountability”. He is a proven servant and God is using him to bring fresh wind and fresh fire to our Zion. May we seize the moment for times of refreshing. Enjoyed you blog.

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