Lilah’s Adoption

Lilah - Pink Dress

Here We Go Again! Meet Lilah.

Heather and I have been praying for over a year about adopting another child. We’ve looked at several dozen files, but didn’t find the “one,” until now. If you’ve ever adopted you know what I mean. Maybe it’s something about pink dresses and hair bows (remember Kacey)… We’re not sure? However, after much prayer we feel that Lilah is our daughter and have committed to bring her home.

Lilah - Pre Surgery


Lilah was found abandoned in a small village when she was a baby (11 months old). She was sent to the Children’s Welfare Institute of Cheng Cheng County. She has lived in the orphanage her entire life. We feel it’s time to change that. Lilah is 12 years old and has severe scoliosis. She’s had corrective surgery twice and is doing much better. She ages out of China’s adoption program at 14. We would like to have her home within the next 11 months.

Lilah - Post Surgery


Some have told us that we’re crazy for even considering this again. They say that we should be saving for retirement and looking forward to the kids being out of the house. We’ve decided that we would rather have less stuff and rescue a child. For us, that is more rewarding than anything we can gain in this world.

Stepping out on faith requires obedience and courage. We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know who holds the future. We have always tried to be obedient to follow as God leads, knowing that no matter what he asks us to do it’s always grounded in love. We feel like this is just another ‘crazy thing’ God is calling us to do.

What can you do? Pray and give. It will cost around $35,000 to complete the process (including travel and lodging for two weeks in China, which is a large expense). The help from friends and family made it possible for us to adopt Kacey. Adoption means saving a child’s life. Imagine growing up and spending your entire life with no one to call ‘family.’ We can help change that one kid at a time. This is our mission and we are inviting you to join us. ‪#‎adoption ‪#‎missional

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