Precedent of Love

Whenever God says something for the first time he sets a precedent. By God’s precedent you know him forever. God doesn’t change toward us because his love is eternal. What can separate us from the love of God? Nothing. His love for us remains whether we choose to love him back or not. However, God does change the way he relates to us depending on where we are in our relationship with him, but he never changes his heart toward us. The heart of God is love.

I often explain this by using the relationship with my son as an example. I have a love for Jake that is ongoing. My love for him never changes. However, the way I relate to him does change. I don’t talk to him the same way today as I did when he was five years old. Our relationship has grown and now we understand each other on a different level.

The decisions I made concerning Jake when he was five was to benefit our relationship as he got older. I ordered my thinking so that my relationship with him would get better with time. God is ordered in his thinking. He is always considering what is best for his family.

As appropriate for a Creator, God thinks sequentially. Scripture is the perfect example of his thinking out from himself. In other words, God is very deliberate and extremely intentional. He is continually thinking about what is best for us now and in the future. This means there is significance in everything he does. This is how “all things work together for good…” God designs his relationship with us that way.

So again, any time God says something for the first time, he sets a precedent. By that standard you know him forever. As God reveals himself in scripture, he’s saying, “This is who I am for you, forever.” His love toward us never changes. What can separate us from the love of God?

As God speaks into your life through the Holy Spirit you can rest in what he is saying and doing. He is establishing himself in your life forever, and you can trust what he says and does. In Christ God displays his eternal love for creation, of which we are all a part. He reveals himself by becoming one of us… there is no greater love.

Accept who you are in Christ. Don’t run away from the story that is your life. Trust what God has done. Believe there is significance in everything. Look for God in the subtle things. God relates to you in all of life’s situations because he loves you deeply. And when he shows you the way, it’s always through a precedent of love.

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