Contagious With Newness

God is always up to something. It’s impossible to figure out exactly what, but sometimes you can just feel it in the air. Newness is in His nature. He makes all things new, and when they get old, he makes them new again. That’s why renewal is a process…it never ends. We’re always being made new, discovering new things, becoming new people, going new places, and developing new understandings about who God really is and what He’s doing in the world.

There is something magnificent, mysterious, and breath-taking about the universe. The way it’s all held together by a God who knows exactly what to do and precisely when to do it. I often lie on my hammock in the backyard and gaze into the sky at night and think to myself, “God is a wonderful artist… He never needs an eraser because he doesn’t make mistakes.”

Every time I look into the sky, it’s a brand new sight. I’ve never seen the same sky twice. He always gives a fresh perspective. Look out your window. Have you ever considered that you’re the only one in the entire universe with the view you have right now. Move an inch and the view changes. Have you ever considered that your view is always new.

Some people allow the ‘newness’ of God to slip through their hands. They get old and start complaining. They forget about all the great things God has done. In this condition their hunger for the presence of God departs and without even realizing it they stop living life to the fullest. They dry up and eventually breathe their last breath. I never want to be that person. I want to live in the newness of the life God has created for me, and I want to experience every last drop of it.

We are created to know God and to be known by God… to fall deeply in love with who he is and participate in all he does. For ‘newness’ to apply, we must allow the awareness of God’s presence to move from our brain to our heart. In the heart we experience renewal of the entire person. It’s where we learn to feel again; it’s where we rediscover all the things that make life worth living. Life cannot be understood in past-tense. It has to be lived in the present with an eye on the future.

Things are always changing… always moving forward. It’s God’s design; we might as well embrace it. Every person changes seasons in their lives; they can never recapture what once was. They have to change. If not, life will leave them and then they simply wait to die. Seasons of life remind us all that we must keep changing, there is no avoiding it.

You get one life, make it count. Give God everything you’ve got. Trust him in the good times and the bad. Realize he is always near, and always willing to make things new again. And he does t’s your job to spread newness like the flu. Give it to everyone you come in contact with… Be contagious with newness!

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