Uncomfortably Following

3 thoughts on “Uncomfortably Following”

  1. Jesus told the rich young man to sell his treasured possessions and give to the poor. This giving would show Jesus’ new love for neighbor, even the despised poor. Such giving would not “build the kingdom” (by building churches or paying church budgets?); it would manifest the presence of the kingdom (and king, in whose name money was given).

      1. Well said Pastor Brain. I agree that there is a theology of “Jesus will make my life better” out there that is dangerous and flat out dissapointing. Sometimes we treat Jesus like a cell phone accessory or the newest piece of technology, “My life is not complete unless I add this (Jesus) to the 100 other things I think I need in my life…to make it better and easier.” Jesus never promised better and easier…but instead persecution, pain, and suffering. All the more reason to grab onto the verse “In this world you will have trouble, but I give you my peace.” – Joe Drew

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