Generation Gap

4 thoughts on “Generation Gap”

  1. While there are broad strokes that sort of characterize these generational categories — it’s a bit too easy to think that folks of each group fall neatly into these descriptions. Reforming, critiquing and questioning are not mutually exclusive ethics. As a boomer who tried to introduce and work with substantial change in the Naz, I’m thinking that real change only actually comes from questioning and critiquing in the first place. Dude, I’m a “boomer” Naz with no lack of boomer, Gen-Xer, and Millennial friends all of us whom question, critique, and try to bring change to the Naz (or other entities like workplaces, schools, etc.) If the Naz is having institutional problems these days, it’s likely not due specifically to generational differences so much as it’s about the dilemma of institutional inertia. When Jesus mentions “new wine and old wineskins” he’s not talking about generational differences. He’s talking about human behavior regardless of demographic grouping.

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