Fads, Factions, & Fundamentalists

4 thoughts on “Fads, Factions, & Fundamentalists”

  1. Actually Jesus was far less centrist that anything you describe…his attacks were against the religious elite, who, likely, would have written things against fellow Christ-followers as this blog post…

  2. The difference between a centered set and a bounded set is not whether or not Christ is in the middle–the difference is in the focus. A centered set has the crucified Christ in the middle and all make their way towards him. A bounded set, one defined by legalism, builds a wall to decide who is in and who is out. This wall must be guarded and this defense requires the defenders to turn their back on Christ. Christ is not a centrist–he is the center. People who remain the middle of two extremes are rarely crucified–those on the edges–especially the edges without power–are.

  3. You hit the nail on the head. I think this is perfectly reflected also in our politics these days. Deep polarization. It is no doubt the goal of the enemy to bring us to this point, the further he can divide, the weaker we are.

    For a long, long, long time I’ve stood somewhere in the middle–liberal “progressive” friends on the left, fundamentalist relatives and friends on the right. I’ve seen the chasm growing by the year and I feel more and more alone on the narrow precipice in the middle. I’m dumbfounded at how quickly they have adopted their extreme positions–again, something reflected in society in general.

    We need men and women, lay and church leaders like yourself, who will continue to stand even when the flaming arrows continue to lodge themselves in our hearts and homes.

    Peace be with you.

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