Blocking People Matters

2 thoughts on “Blocking People Matters”

  1. “Life is too short and the mission is too important to endure relationships that constantly suck the energy out of you. Blocking people doesn’t mean you don’t love them. It simply means you’ve determined that further interaction isn’t constructive. Even Peter and Paul came to that conclusion. So, while it may be difficult to part ways, sometimes it’s necessary.”

    The problem is I’ve met far too many pastors that define this as “you don’t agree with me, so you’re irrelevant.” A pastor is not infallible. If someone is bringing things up, perhaps you have a blind spot. In your case, you brought in others, so this isn’t about you. This is a general statement regarding what I quoted above. I’ve seen many pastors that recruit yes men and it’s about them, not God.

  2. This is where you and I are different. I would have organized a youth service, picked out some Pillar and Kutlass songs, and let the band play. But that’s me. And I don’t know the guy.

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