Stale Spirituality

9 thoughts on “Stale Spirituality”

  1. Wow! What an Awesome Word you have reminded us with today.
    Holy Spirit have your way in my life, I want to be so emptied of me so you can fill me with nothing but You.

  2. “Staleness sets in when we make our spiritual journey a routine that we squeeze into our schedule alongside countless other items.”

    So does that mean that we should no longer pray routinely before meals, or read our Bibles every day? Perhaps those types of routines become stale for you, but I find them enriching because they remind me to constantly be attentive to listening to God. I find God – I hear the Holy Spirit – in the mundane, common practices of faith in my life. Should I stop?

    1. Hello Randy, hope you are well. We should certainly continue to pray, meditate on scripture, and embrace other spiritual disciplines that help us grow spiritually and navigate our faith. However, when the busyness of life presses in on the very things that should be most important we become unbalanced. I often refer to Luke 10:42 in speaking of the demanding age we find ourselves living in… “There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it…”

  3. I want to thank Jesus because of this Ministries, me I know that there is no another good thing than to serve Jesus! but I request this Ministry to stand with me in spiritual growth by God’s grace! because we need to know more about Jesus’s will!

    thanks Byamukama Peter!

  4. INJOYED Everything I just read above, & would very much like to speak voice to voice with you @ some appropriate time @ your convenience, Thnks, John

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