Ode To The Kentucky District

2 thoughts on “Ode To The Kentucky District”

  1. Hi, my name is Ruth/Ruthie (Lewis) Docter. I’ve just read a lovely piece by Rev. Brian Powell. I grew up through my teen years in Louisville, KY. I am 78 years young, and was born in 1942 when I my Dad pastored Louisville Broadway Nazarene Church. I left KY in 1962 with my Parents and we moved to Los Angeles County, CA to pastor a church there. I’ve lived out west, since 1962, but still consider KY my home. Can’t beat the Nazarene Folks in Kentucky. I attempted to send an email to Bobby Grant at Highway, KY, but it wouldn’t go through. Bobby and I grew up in the Kentucky Nazarene Churches, and I noticed he is still there. Thank you for holding up the name of Jesus Christ, and being able to do it in the Nazarene Church is a special blessing. My Dad was saved in the old Tabernacle at Louisville First Church of the Nazarene, at 24th and Howard Streets, in 1933. Prayer Warriors describes those long ago Nazarenes, and it sounds like Kentuckians are still praying the glory down. Amen!! Sincerely, Ruth Docter

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