Ichabod Spirit

10 thoughts on “Ichabod Spirit”

  1. Very true I have experienced this and it has been very difficult to overcome the thoughts of failure in the calling of God. The battle is fierce but I continue to hold on to the hope that is in me and thrive on the love of Jesus that has been made available through the body of believers.

    1. Very True Enjoyed this,We must keep on keeping on for Jesus one day it will be worth it all when we see Him face to face.Praise God!!

  2. This story was sent out to every pastor, associate pastor, and key leader on the Kentucky District, not just certain people.

    I am a district leader—one who has been trusted with a great responsibility. It is a responsibility that I take seriously. Speaking to issues like the one in this post is part of stewarding my call. I’ve lived through it, and so have many, many others.

  3. This was a hard read…. it hits so close to home. It is both comforting and discouraging that this happens–comforting because we are not alone in it and discouraging because other pastoral families are dealing with it too. Sometimes I really long for the times in my childhood when church was a safe haven, because it no longer is (at least not in this season)

  4. This really needed to be addressed. It’s an oft told story and a tragic commentary on a root of bitterness that exists in many congregations (I purposely did not call them churches).
    Unfortunately, most of those who find themselves represented in this scenario will react defensively and reconciliation and restoration will likely not occur.
    So sad…

  5. We’ve been there and done that and it almost destroyed us. The harder we tried to work through it, it only got worse. For a young pastor who was sincerely trying to see the church reach out to lost people, then when they did get saved, to see them viewed as a “threat” to the “pioneers”—-it was heartbreaking, and we took the brunt of the condemnations. We left broken and almost in despair. Thankfully God saw us through. Satan tries to destroy any church, naturally, so we have to stay on our knees, with humility, a tender heart, and led by the Holy Spirit.

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