Prayer Of Surrender

2 thoughts on “Prayer Of Surrender”

  1. We appreciate your encouragement in the spirit of our Lord…and your facilitation in our pastoral search. Bro. Jason Barnett is gonna prove to be who the Lord knew we needed! We had a Facebook worship last Sunday, and today we had outdoor parking lot drive in service- very well planned and set up…great music and sound system…2 guitarists and Barry B. led singing …horn toots amens. After reading John 11 Lazarus, Pastor said, “the word of God for the people of God – thanks be to God. Later in msg he stated ‘no one ever dies in the presence of Jesus!’…I’m in His presence…can I expect to go straight to heaven like Enoch or Elijah?…just my nonsense…thank you, Bro. Powell. You would be proud of your Greensburg Church and new pastor here!

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