Cancel Culture

2 thoughts on “Cancel Culture”

  1. Well …actually…. Jesus was offended by things (hence, the Temple clearing, the chastisement of religious “gatekeepers,” etc.). That means that there ARE things that SHOULD offend us. In fact, there are things that if they DON’T offend us, we are carnal! For instance, if a group gets together to harass and leave out those whom Jesus is trying to reach out to, or who sets up barriers on issues where the Bible gives leeway, then Jesus gets offended (see the Gospels). Jesus’ offense is not the kind that produces bitterness. Rather, it stems from compassion (the Greek word involves being inwardly move in the depths of one’s “bowels”), and that compassion leads to redemptive and prophetic action. Being prophetic is NOT gathering a bunch of like-minded people together and preaching to the choir. Jesus is offended by THAT. And it’s the very definition of carnal…. Sorry to burst your bubble….

    1. Thank you for your reply. Certainly, we believe Jesus has the capacity to speak against the spirit of offense without He Himself becoming offended? Perhaps you and I have a different understanding of what it means to be offended.

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