Fads, Factions, & Fundamentalists

Christian fads have produced many factions over the years: Seeker Sensitive, Word of Faith, Purpose-Driven, Emerging Church and the list goes on. Special emphasis groups have surfaced highlighting everything from mega-churches to storefronts, church growth to social justice, and small groups to soup kitchens. Some enjoy running the aisles shouting ‘hallelujah’ while others appreciate reciting … Continue reading Fads, Factions, & Fundamentalists

Peoples Talkin’

“Peoples Talkin, Preacher!” Those were the first words out of Earl’s mouth when he walked into my office that afternoon. “Really? What are they talking about?” I asked. He responded, “I don’t recall.” “Well, who’s doing the talking?” I asked. He said, “I can’t remember, but they’re upset.” “Why are they upset?” I asked. To … Continue reading Peoples Talkin’


Pastor. There’s so much associated with that word: shepherd, overseer, servant, leader, visionary, spiritual guide, teacher, and prophet just to name a few. I remember when God called me to be a pastor. I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor staring at the ceiling with tears in my eyes on a cold night … Continue reading Pastor