Rainbows and Rebel Flags

13 thoughts on “Rainbows and Rebel Flags”

  1. “He loves people of all ethnicities and would never use any symbol that would divide, draw lines, or cause pain, therefore neither can I.”

    The cross does all of these things, too. We’re just on the side that sees the reality through the culture’s hijacked perspective, and refuses to surrender to it. Why stand by that principle with one symbol, but not the other two?

  2. Interesting, and a brief history of the confederate flag will show that it has been from the very beginning a sign of a culture who above all else valued their “freedom” to own slaves and superiority of their “race.”

  3. While I believe in your slightly stilted, halting acceptance of the removal of the rebel flag, I decry your stance on gays and gay rights. If you truly believe in Jesus, then you would know that his motto was “love thy neighbor”.

    In all of the Bible, I do not believe that Jesus ever once said a cross word against “gay” marriage. If so, I challenge you to show me the book and verse. I think there is a certain amount of hatred and bigotism that is derived from your “scripture”.

    Exactly the same as when scripture was used to defend slavery, subjugation of women, etc.

    If you can prove me wrong on this front, I welcome the debate,

  4. The fact that you need to moderate replies says something about how you view the world. Not harshing in you for it but, if you won’t let people post a wel thought out, intelligent rebuttal to your “inspired” post than you should think about your Christian ideals a little more deeply.

  5. Bigot. You don’t even know how to read the Bible. Sad. And even if it DID mean what you think, which it DOESN’T, so what? You ignore literally HUNDREDS of things the Bible tells you to do or not to do every single day. Stupid stuff like don’t wear clothes of more than 1 fiber. And those are sins committed by you, which you should be far more concerned with than the supposed sins of others. Judge not least ye be judged.

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