Tribal Trichotomy

2 thoughts on “Tribal Trichotomy”

  1. This is very useful in helping me identify where I am on the continuum. I don’t usually like identifying myself by what I am not; but I am clearly not Calvanist nor Universalist. I am definitely Wesleyan. I am all over the map when it comes to influences. I am definitely a C.S. Lewis fan but I have been influenced by Chuck Colson and Henri Nouwen as well. I tend toward the Moderate /Progressive view of Scripture and Science. And I am frequently frustrated by encounters with others who want to put me in a box that does not fit me.

  2. I was thinking last week of John 3:16, it tell:s us for God so loved the world, it didn:t say for God so love only those who agree with Him. We as servant of Christ are to love those who may spew hatred aim at us and what we believe, we are to love those who don:t believe as we do. What would happen if showed Christ love to those around, I have a feeling we would God move in our world as we never seen, just a thought.

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