Holier Than Thou

11 thoughts on “Holier Than Thou”

  1. The worst type of fundie or Pharisee is the liberal type that are so far left they think they’re doing good service to the Body of Christ but in reality are damaging the Body like an infection within.

    1. Besides the obvious that “fundies” by practical example cannot be liberal or to the “far left”, no one I know that is to the left feels they are damaging the body; quite the contrary, we feel we are pointing potential illnesses that left unchecked will in fact kill off the body in a generation or two.

      1. Of course you feel like you’re pointing out things that are beneficial… so does the far right. Have you looked at many studies pertaining to decline/growth patterns in the United Methodist Church? I have a few friends in places of oversight in the UMC. They tell me that we should be paying attention to the patterns in their church so we will be prepared for what’s to come in the CotN.

  2. That’s not what fundamentalism means. It’s a response to some forms of modern theology that has a specific set of principles. What you’re classifying as a spirit of fundamentalism is extremism or hypocrisy. This only partially works here in the States because of the Scopes trial, but it doesn’t apply to the term internationally at all. Fundamentalism in England is not looked upon as extreme or hypocritical.

      1. A ‘structure of accountability’ would mean that there’s a system in place that calls for theological unity. It means that the people teaching at our schools have a level of unity as it pertains to theological distinction. In other words, we wouldn’t hire someone who would teach that women shouldn’t be in ministry, or that tongues is evidence of the Holy Spirit, or that there is no such thing as heaven and hell, or that the bible isn’t reliable, etc.

  3. So, I’m in Dayton, Ohio. We’re very near Cedarville University, which is also a non-Nazarene school. Of course, the fact that they don’t allow women to teach theology, unless it’s to other women, is pretty indicative of that. I would hazard a guess that the level of liberal or conservative in academia directly correlates to the school one is teaching at.

  4. Well said Brian. I’ve been struggling with this a lot lately the last few years.

    As someone who found, during my college, seminary, and grad-school years, some things I resonated with biblically and theologically in the Emerging Church movement early on, I’ve had to really come to terms with what it’s led to, its Pharisaical spirit (spot on) and with what it’s practitioners are now teaching, and as a result I’ve had to distance myself by a wide margin.

    What I see from many of the voices of critique, even ones above, is a very large blind spot, the proverbial plank in the eye. The via media you propose is and has always been where my heart lies. Where is truth? Where is it in our traditions? Let’s embrace it. Where is it in new thoughts and ideas? Let’s listen to it. Is it in our historical, time-proven, Church universal-approved understanding of Scripture? Let’s adhere to it.

    I don’t have any desire to hurl stones at the Church because it’s fashionable to do so.

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