Dreaming Dreams

6 thoughts on “Dreaming Dreams”

  1. This excites me so! I long for a revival. Having grown up in church I’ve been through many revivals, but there was very little change in any of them. I’ve read about revivals like The Asberry revival in the 70’s. They didn’t call an evangelist. No special singers. No planned events. Just a few students with a hunger for HIM. I’m ashamed I’ve not had such a hunger, but I want such a hunger!

  2. One more thing, there was a common denominator in all those revivals I attended in which I saw little change. The common denominator was me

  3. I’ve had thoughts that meaningful dreams like those recorded in the Bible were a thing of the past. This changes my thinking. Thanks for sharing! A problem I have, but am working on it, is that when I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and then look around and see people whose expression looks like they could not care less, I lose a blessing. But sometimes I don’t care about what’s happening around me – I enjoy the precious Holy Spirit!

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