Centers Of Holy Fire

7 thoughts on “Centers Of Holy Fire”

  1. Agree with this whole article. Praying for national and global revival, starting in our local churches. God is wanting to manifest Himself in the ‘glory’. Watching. Anticipating. Praising for it!

  2. This is exactly what it takes to “Bring the Glory Down”! There is nothing like the anointing of the Holy Spirit!!! I have to die out to my will to have His, and His presence is worth everything!!! Love Him so!!!

  3. I am happy to see that you shared your story, although I am not involved in any ministry, GOD has begun to revel things to me. GOD is moving in such a dramatic way right now, and it frustrates me tremendously that the people around me don’t recognise what is happening! Things are definitely changing! GOD is searching for HIS people! I pray that more will answer “Here I am LORD!” and allow him to use whatever resources you have! It isn’t always about money! I love the saying you posted about praying the glory down!

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